Eating foods high in fat and cholesterol will raise your blood cholesterol along with your genetic make up in some cases. A desirable total cholesterol is 200mg/dl or less. Borderline line is a cholesterol in the range of 200-239mg/dl and high cholesterol is 240mg/dl or higher. When reading food labels the most important thing to look at once you know the serving size is total fat and not the amount of cholesterol in the food. Why you ask? Only foods that come from an animal have cholesterol in them. Food companies will advertise that their product is cholesterol free, which it is; however it can be full of FAT and fat will raise your cholesterol! Select foods with 6 grams of total fat or less per serving. Even better is eating foods with 3 grams of fat or less per serving. Eat wisely and be a food label reader!


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